Submission of Abstracts

The only valid way to submit abstracts is online through the congress website. Abstracts sent by e-mail or post independently of the system will not be accepted.

Abstract Submission Deadline: September 30, 2023

Writing Rules

  • Abstracts will be collected with the online abstract system.
  • Academic titles should not be used in author names.
  • The presentation of the abstract will be in the form of Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation, and Video Presentation.
  • The abstract should be sent in English and should not exceed 300 words.
  • It should be written in Times New Roman 12 point and justified on both sides.
  • Names should be written in lowercase, with only the first letter capitalized. Example: Mehmet Yılmaz
  • The names and addresses of the institutions where the authors work must be specified. Example: Xxxx University Faculty of Medicine, Xxxx Department, Izmir
  • Only the first letter of the abstract title should be capitalized. (Abbreviations are exceptions.) Example: Xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx XXX xxxx xxxx
  • The abstract should be divided into sections that include the aim of the study, its method, its findings, and its conclusion, and these headings should be written in bold in the abstract. 2 tables and 1 figure can be added.
  • At least 3 and at most 5 keywords that describe the study should be determined. If an abbreviation is to be made in the abstract, it should be written in abbreviated form in parentheses after the first place where the full expansion is used.
  • Abstracts should include the names, surnames, and institutions of the authors and the presenter.
  • The Oral Presentation time will be a total of 10 minutes, 8 minutes for presentation, and 2 minutes for discussion. Authors submitting a Video Presentation must send their edited and voiced video, which should not exceed 6 minutes, to within the abstract submission deadline after uploading the abstract of the presentation to the system.
  • Authors presenting an abstract must register as participants.
  • Accepted abstracts that are not presented will not be included in the abstract booklet.

Any abstract that does not comply with any of these items will be left out of the evaluation, regardless of its content.


Points to Consider

  • If you are using the online abstract module for the first time, register to the system using the “New User” link.
  • After the registration process, the explanations on the page will help you. Please read the messages and explanations carefully.
  • Attention must be paid to spelling errors as the abstracts sent via the internet will be printed in the same way.
  • Please keep the confirmation messages that will come to your e-mail address after your abstract submission process.
  • You can follow the entire evaluation process regarding your abstract through the system with your e-mail and password.
  • For technical support or questions during submission:

Lena Tourism
Phone: +90 (216) 567 6160


Important Note

If you want to update your abstract sent to the scientific committee until the final submission date, you can reach us from our support addresses. After your related request, the status of your abstract will be brought back to the previous step.

It is not appropriate to send the same abstract (updated) again with a different abstract number, due to the potential issues that can occur during the evaluation phase.


Evaluation of Abstracts

  • The evaluation of the abstracts will be made by the Abstract Evaluation Committee.
  • The result of the evaluation will be sent to all abstract owners by e-mail as a result letter.

The Scientific Committee reserves the right to change the presentations to oral or poster presentation and to make decisions.

Information on Poster Preparation:

  • Posters should be prepared on a single page.
  • They should be 70 cm wide and 90 cm tall.
  • They will be displayed in the designated section of the scientific program, along with the date, location, and assigned number.
  • Your poster should include the presentation title, authors, and their affiliations at the top.
  • Posters should be prepared in a way that they can be read from a distance of two meters.
  • Materials necessary for hanging the posters will be available in the poster area.